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Product-led growth insights and analytics for


product teams

growth managers


Growth Scanner helps startup teams understand key product metrics to unlock insights and make strategic business decisions.

The MAU chart shows how many users are generating value on a monthly basis. From this chart, you can see both how fast your user base is growing and how well you are retaining users from one month to the next.

By adding up all of the money a group of customers generates, and dividing it by the total number of customers in the cohort, and plotting that cumulatively over time, we observe the effects of customer retention and buying behavior on overall customer value.

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Market analysis

Benchmark yourself against the industry

Access comparable data from similar businesses in your industry. Get a reality check around challenges and opportunities ahead of you.

For user cohorts that are more than six months old, we measure the percentage of users that continue to be active after six months. We compare this with industry benchmarks for your company type.

The rolling multi-day usage chart lets us see the percentage of power users from the overall user base, and how that has evolved over time.

Bottom-up analysis of customers

Identify your power users to build a better product

Understand your core customers, how they behave and how to shape your product release process to focus on what matters.

Key metrics analysis

Refine your strategic roadmap to growth

Now that you have an overview of your key metrics, look at your strategy to make informed decisions that will supercharge your product's growth.

The percentage of customers who comprise 80% of revenue

The average number of days each active user has been active in the last 28 days

Dividing new + resurrected users by churned users, the MAU Quick Ratio measures the extent to which churn is dragging down growth

Your business is at risk if a small group of users accounts for most of your revenue. A ratio of 20% of users comprising 80% of revenue is typical. Anything under 10% or so is a concern that is worth investigating further.

Learn from your startup's data

Get a holistic view of your performance

We leverage different analytical tools to provide you with a holistic view of your product and business performance.

Here’s how it works:

Upload your anonymized data securely

No identifying data is collected and everything you share with us is strictly confidential. It will take you less than 20 minutes to prepare the dataset.

Let Growth Scanner do its magic behind the scenes

Our platform will ingest the data and organize it. The data analyst running your Growth Report will prepare everything in 1 to 2 days.

Get your Growth Report and start making decisions

You'll receive your Growth Scanner report as a comprehensive dashboard, ready to learn and take action.

What founders are saying

"It’s very unusual to have Growth experts on the other side of the table, but even more so when they build their own platforms to help you deep dive in different aspects of your business."

Rodrigo Teijeiro

CEO, Recargapay

"Truth is that it is very useful to have an investor that looks at your company’s product traction, not only from the revenue perspective but from the product adoption perspective. The ability to segment customers to understand the Growth Accounting in full and not just the GAAP accounting is key."

Eyal Shats

CSO, SimpliRoute

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Rodrigo Teijeiro

CEO, Recargapay

"Growth Scanner helped us be prouder of our retention and to identify key improvements for our acquisition channels. To see it through 'external eyes' was illuminating."

Davo Bastidas

COO, Goin

"Go-to for learning about product analytics and to see a big picture view of your business performance. It is very insightful to make data-driven decisions (retention, product metrics, benchmarks…). Also, there is no need to spend time creating dashboards, the data experts sent us our report in one day."

Alejandro Leal

CEO, Dixper

"Growth Scanner gives us useful insights into our data, helping us to deliver the right experience and improve the user journey to increase engagement, retention, conversion, and more. These metrics are beneficial to make decisions and take fast action for every company. The data team helped us during the whole integration!"

Glaydston Veloso

CEO, Coodesh

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Alejandro Artacho

CEO, Spotahome

"We received great insights into our data about engagement evolution and were able to make better data-driven decisions to ultimately increase this engagement."

Eduardo Ortiz

CEO, Fuell

"Taking strategic decisions based on data is not something we were used to a few years ago. Working with the Growth Scanner and being able to track 24/7 has helped us to understand real time challenges and opportunities."

Javier Cardona

CEO, 1Doc3

"The data mindset is something people talk a lot about, but very few actually really make it happen. This tool has given us different views, alerts, and suggestions to even change our business model. Decisions powered by data are a must these days, even though a strong intuition and vision are still complementary."

Guillaume Cohen

CEO, Paloma Health

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